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E-Commerce work with Daar-Om, Netherlands

In March 2019, Jake and Dani had an amazing opportunity to work with a respectable marketing brand in the Netherlands, through the Erasmus project. For two weeks, they worked at the head office of Daar-Om, in line with the team of employees and the CEO himself, to learn and put in practice marketing tools for real life businesses.

They were also joined by 8 other individuals from around Europe, with countries including Denmark, Lithuania, Netherlands and Spain. This provided a variety of backgrounds and experiences which helped with each case study they focused on, throughout the two weeks they worked there.

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What did they work on with Daar-Om?

- They analysed, adapted and improved a real life website of a building company, to ensure that not only is it user-friendly but that it works in line with SEO requirements and effective call to actions.

- Reviewed the same company's social media platforms, to assess what may be working well but also how to improve their content, and interaction with customers.

- Google ads and SEO requirements for these ads.

- Newsletter campaigns

This gave both of them valuable information that they can now put in practice in real life businesses, of any sector.

It also gave them experience of working in a new organisations, with new policies and working procedures. Daar-Om have an amazing working environment for the team, which is very social, everyone sits together in their teams with desks being open, and also they ate lunch together as a company every day. This ensured everyone got to mingle, but there was a nice atmosphere in the air as everyone was relaxed. It increased productivity and efficiency in the work all the employees were creating.

There were some challenges that the two of them faced, and the main one being language barriers. The course was English spoken, which did mean they had the upper hand of the group, however, some of the others found it very difficult to keep up and how to word their presentations.

Jake and Dani came home with new knowledge and experiences that they want to share with other businesses and individuals, who are trying to grow in the marketing aspect of their company. This is one of the services that is provided through Prosperity Consulting.

If you would like to inquire about the marketing services we can provide for your company, please do not hesitate to visit our contact page.

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